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Our Story

Tammy Carlson opened Loverly Boutique after studying clothing and textiles in college, working for large stores such as Bath & Body Works, Nine West Shoes, Limited Express, and most recently a community boutique for 10 years. Carlson has over 20 years of retail experience.

Concentrating in virtual merchandising combined with her years of experience you can expect Carlson to have the aesthetics you’re looking for: “I’m hoping to carry brands that people see at places like Nordstrom’s or Macy’s so they don’t feel like they always need to go to the mall. I could be that quick stop where you can grab something for the weekend or a nice dress for a wedding.”

To adapt to the challenges the pandemic has brought Carlson has taken some extra steps to diversify her stock. You’ll be able to find gym clothing, something Carlson decided would be good for the store after recognizing the surge of people not only working from home but working out at home.


In addition to clothing, you can expect to find accessories and gifts since the boutique will be geared toward women. One of the jewelry lines Carlson will feature in the store is Gorjana, a jewelry company based in Laguna Beach, CA.


When asked about her location choice, Carlson was adamant about choosing Edwardsville. “I grew up In Edwardsville, this was where I was raised, and I love the community here,” she said. “I would not even consider having it anywhere else but here.”


The growth of Edwardsville in its retail and restaurant industries have been a huge factor for Carlson in opening her store. Even in the face of the COVID-19 Pandemic, she’s determined to press forward. Before COVID-19 struck, she was well into the process of opening her business.


“It was a big decision for my husband and I, do we go forward or not? I kind of feel like if we don’t go forward what are we gonna do? It inspires other people to do the same and we’re such a close-knit community here in Edwardsville,” she said.


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Loverly Boutique, Edwardsville, IL
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